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What Are the Different Types of Dental Braces?

While orthodontics has advanced, many patients will often ask which type of braces would best benefit them. There are currently many options to choose between the different types of dental braces according to each need. While getting a professional opinion is the best way to determine what type of brace is best for you, this article will break down the different types of dental braces that exist. 

What Are the Different Types of Braces?

Braces are distinguished by the type of material from which they are manufactured. Taken together, those include:

Which Dental Brace Is The Most Efficient?

The most efficient are the metal brackets because they fall less and transmit the forces better to the teeth, which helps to make the treatment shorter, although its negative side is that they are less aesthetic.

A considerable advantage is that it is usually the one that solves the most crooked tooth problems, besides being the most economical. It is the most recommended for faster treatments in case you have to close spaces between the teeth, correct a bad bite, or reverse crooked teeth.

What Dental Brace is the Best Looking?

The (or porcelain) ceramic brackets and brackets sapphire are more aesthetic. These have in their negative aspect, which can lead to more extensive treatments. Ceramics are more fragile than other types of orthodontics, such as sapphire brackets and, of course, metal brackets. Another option is to wear brackets on the inner side of the teeth, which is known as lingual braces or internal brackets. In this case the brackets can be made of stainless steel or gold.

The main advantage of the lingual brackets is that, if any stain occurs, it will remain on the hidden side of the tooth. In addition, and with respect to Invisalign, for example, it solves better problems with rotated teeth or at different heights. On the negative side, hygiene is more difficult than in other types of brackets and the treatment can be extended longer.

What's Invisalign?

In the case of Invisalign, it is best not to be seen, and that can be a huge advantage, especially for adults. Another feature is that they can be placed and removed at will, so dental hygiene is much more complete. But if Invisalign is not used throughout the day (except for eating and brushing teeth), the treatment can be very extensive. In addition, there are certain problems of rotation or malocclusion, which this type of orthodontics cannot solve.

What Option is Right For Me?

Each type of bracket and technique, has its particularities and, depending on the case, your dentist will recommend the best results, taking into account the aesthetic requirements of each person, as well as the type of problem to be solved. Depending on the choice you make, the price of dental treatment and its duration will vary.

If you have any additional questions about orthodontics please don’t hesitate to contact Amin Salvi Dental today! We offer a dental office in Rancho Cucamonga and a dental office in Corona, CA!

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